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24/7 Car Lockout Services

Locked out of your car? If the answer is yes, we would like to tell you – its ok! Vehicle lock-outs are one of the most common locksmith issues in the Los Angeles area, so you are definitely not alone in this predicament. Although it is very stressful and a little embarrassing, if you call us, we can arrive to your vehicle’s location in only about 30 minutes, and we can open your car in just minutes. We are the most convenient locksmith company in south California, and our prices are always affordable too, even in the event of a car lock-out!

Car Locks Repair and Replace

Has Your Vehicle Been Broken Into? If your vehicle’s locks have been broken or compromised due to an intruder, we can replace or repair any damaged cylinders or locks. Regardless of the situation, our experienced and knowledgeable locksmith can come directly to your vehicle’s location in the LA County and offer affordable and secure solutions. No matter what the automotive service. You can be sure that we will not take advantage of this situation and pressure you to purchase products or services that you simply don’t need. Additionally, Our company is reachable for your automotive emergency around the clock, 24/7!

Car Keys and Ignition Repair & Replacement

One of the highly specialized automotive locksmith services offered by us is automotive ignition replacement and repair. Ignitions can get damaged or wear out. Sometimes your car will continue to run after the key is removed other times, the steering wheel will not budge from one position. These are signs that your ignition needs work! Our skilled locksmith technicians can identify your ignition problem, and perform any necessary replacements or repairs on the spot.

Dealerships will offer to work on your ignition, but we will beat the dealer’s prices every time. The best part is, one of our locksmiths will come directly to your location. You won’t have to tow your car to us (towing is very expensive!). We are mobile in the Greater Los Angeles area. Cars ignitions are very detailed and complex they have very small parts, and many electrical wires as well. Servicing your ignition may require removal in part of the steering column, so it is always a good idea to call the experts at to perform this work for you quickly, efficiently and carefully.

We are available to offer this service to the Los Angeles area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.