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Immediately Lock Change & Replacement On Yore Home Office or Car

Are you replacing your door lock or any other lock anytime soon? Then you should contact us, and we’ll send one of our efficient, reliable technicians to get it changed in no time. Whether it’s one you selected from his wide range of locks or that you previously bought, he’ll install it securely to your satisfaction.

If your locks are worn out and have gotten susceptible to picking, breaking, or are slow when you’re unlocking them, then your security has been threatened. And you need to replace or service the lock immediately before it eventually results in a lockout.

When you’re experiencing a problem with your lock, you shouldn’t stress yourself out, trying to replace the lock yourself when you have a readily available professional locksmith company that’ll send out one of our technicians to you.

Another reason people replace locks can be due to a recent break-in that has threatened the safety and security of the homeowner. The break-in either results from your locks not being strong enough to stop the burglar from breaking in, or the burglar has damaged your lock by forcing it open. Either way, a lock replacement is in order.

Also, as a homeowner, if you’re prone to constantly losing your keys, then it’s high time you invested in smart locks that make use of pin pads and combinations. Advantages of smart locks include; it allows you to use a key in case you forget the password. You can also change the password if you forget them or feel they’ve been compromised, instead of constantly rekeying.

How we can be of help

High tech lock change: if you or the people you live with constantly lose your keys, then maybe you should consider a smart lock. Smart locks don’t necessarily use physical keys. Instead, they use electronic keypads, fingerprint recognition software, or Bluetooth security to lock and unlock the door, so you don’t have to worry about keys anymore.

Also, they’re pretty effective in maintaining security. Our technicians are very skilled in this and will get it installed in no time.

Replacing deadbolts: to do this, our locksmith first gains access into the internal part of the deadbolt by removing its external faceplate. They will then remove all parts of the lock. After that, he’ll clean the vacant hole and ensure there’s no debris, as this can affect the functionality of the new deadbolt.

The next thing our technician will do is check the compatibility of the new lock with your door because it can’t be done without initially removing the deadbolt.

Next, we insert it facing upwards into the door. Then internal and external cylinders of the lock will be inserted subsequently into the deadlock. We then line up everything correctly and screw them all in their place to check their proper functioning.

Replacing doorknobs: our technician will first confirm that the new lock fits the make and model of the old lock so that we can perfectly install it with no issues.

Then we will replace the old lock with the new lock. We will carefully remove the knob at both sides by unscrewing their plates. Next, we will remove the latch mechanism and the metal plate.

We then remove the strike plate to replace it with a new one, and he might not if the old strike plate closely resembles the new one.

Finally, he will carefully insert the new lock into the door from where the old faceplate was removed. Replacing locks requires carefulness and expertise, which is why you shouldn’t do it yourself but let a professional handle it for you.

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