Lock Repair Service

Our technician's will Repair Any Type of Lock

There are many reasons locks get damaged either external pressure or beacus the lock has got old. It would be best if you let us know the soon as you feel there is a problem with the lock so we can repair it before it break and need a replacement.

Situations that need a lock repair

When your key breaks in the Lock: this happens often and usually when you’re trying with too much pressuer to turn the key when the lock stuck. The next step is to call our locksmith company becuse leaving the damaged lock like that will lower your home security. Our technician will lubricate the lock and pull out the broken key. he will use a broken key extractor tool to remove the key.

When the door Lock moves slowly: locks can move slowly when small part of the lock wear out. Sometimes when this happens your lock might need a little bit of oiling  but mostly, it is an indicator of damage.

When your deadbolt gets stuck: If your deadbolt gets stuck you need to call for our service immediately. One factor that affects the deadbolt is the strike plate not aligned with the bolt. Our technician will help you to aligned the bolt again repair or replace the strike plate.