Door Lock Repair Service For Los Angeles Citizen's

Our technician's will Repair Any Type of Lock

Locks play a crucial role in the security and safety of our lives and properties. They keep the baddies away. This is why when our locks start malfunctioning, we start worrying. Fortunately for you, if you’re in Los Angeles, there’s an expert locksmith team that cuts through the whole of Los Angeles, and we’re just a call away.

You use your door lock every day, and I’m sure you notice the moment when there’s a little hitch or a slight change in the way it operates, which indicates that it’s time for a change. You don’t have to wait until that Lock spoils before you decide to repair it.

There are many reasons locks get damaged, either due to external pressure or the Lock has gotten old and weak. It would be best if you informed us as soon as you feel there’s a problem with your Lock so that we can repair it before it spirals out of control and requires a replacement.

Situations that call for lock repair

1. When your key breaks in the Lock: this happens most often than not, and usually when you’re applying too much pressure trying to unlock, and if this happens, the next call of duty is to call our lock service company, leaving the damaged Lock like that will compromise your security.

Once our technician gets there, they assess the Lock, and if a section of the broken key is hanging partially outside, it makes the work a lot easier. Our technician will lubricate the Lock and pull out the key. But if no extra part is hanging out, we will use a broken key extractor to remove the key.

After removing the broken key, the technician then repairs the Lock.

2. When the door Lock moves slowly: locks can move slowly when they’re frozen due to extreme cold or when the lock interior gets dirty, or the minor components of the Lock wear out. Sometimes when this happens, your Lock might need a little bit of oiling, but mostly, it is an indicator of wear and tear. It necessitates you calling your locksmith.

3. When your deadbolt gets stuck: Deadbolts work in preventing people from force opening the door, so if your deadbolt gets stuck or is not functioning well, you need to call on our services immediately. One factor that affects the deadbolt is the strike plate not being secured and aligned with the deadbolt.

Only professionals can access the factors for the deadbolt’s malfunction. Our technicians will help you repair or sign the deadbolt with the throat of the strike plate or replace it if it’s beyond repair.

4. When the lock cylinder turns while you’re unlocking your door: when this happens, it is a sure sign that it’s high time you call for your locksmith. Setscrews usually hold the cylinders in a lock, so once it starts turning, it means the screws are loose or broken.