Professional Commercial Locksmith Service in Los Angeles

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Business Lockouts

Commercial lockouts are urgent you need to get back into your business as soon as possible. An inexperienced locksmith may show up at your business and perform sloppy work while attempting to open your locks. This is not how we do business! Our locksmith technicians will not make you wait hours for service and they have opened countless lockouts. Our locksmith technician from will arrive quickly and have your lock opened in just a few minutes while maintaining the condition of your lock and door.

High Security Locks

We can install a wide variety of top quality high security locks on your business. There are many advantages to having a high security lock installed by uss. The first advantage is limited number of keys. Companies such as Mul-T-Lock, Medeco and Shurlok may issue a limited amount of keys for their high security locks, and obtaining more keys could require a signature or an order directly from the manufacturer adding an extra layer of security. A high security lock installed by us also has additional safety features such as decreased bump, jimmy or picking. The cylinder of a high security lock is made with a thicker steel core which decreases the risk of lock drilling. High security locks are an excellent investment if you need to protect valuable equipment or inventory. Feel free to call us to discuss with a technician about which variety of high security lock is right for your business.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems by us are a cost efficient and secure lock solution for businesses. A master key system allows supervisors to be in possession of the master key which will open any door in the building. Employees will only be in possession of a change key which opens the specific doors they are granted access to. If the security of one of the locks is ever compromised by a lost or stolen change key, the lock can simply be replaced by our skilled locksmiths. This eliminates the need for re-keying or replacing every lock in the building. The master key will still work on the new lock, and you receive a new change key for the new lock. Master key systems installed and serviced by our locksmith company are a great option for businesses in the Los Angeles area by preventing certain lock related costs down the road.

Keyless Access Systems

Keyless access systems installed and serviced by our company flexibility and security. Keyless access systems may have a keypad which requires a code to gain entry, while other systems work with access cards. One thing that makes a keyless access system by us particularly attractive is the ease and affordability of re-programming the access code or cards. If the security of your business is ever compromised, simply make one call to adjust your keyless access system. This eliminates the need for lock replacement, and saves your business a lot of money. This cost effective option is great for businesses of all sizes. For an estimate of cost, or more details on Keyless Access Systems.

Break-Ins & Fire

Commercial break-ins are expensive, and can be devastating your business could lose valuable equipment, expensive inventory or priceless documents. It may seem overwhelming to try to get your business back to working condition once again. This is when you need to call the skilled and experienced locksmiths. A capable locksmith can discuss the condition of your damaged locks with you, and explain affordable solutions for lock replacement and repair. Some locksmith companies make all their money by ripping you off in emergency situations we knows that you have a budget to maintain, so we will always provide fair prices and great service no matter what the situation.