Car Key Replacement And Fob Programming

Lost Your Car Key?

Have you lost your original car keys and is looking for replacement car keys? Are you locked out of the car and don’t know what to do? You may have lost your car keys or they are simply stolen by some thief, in both of these cases it gets really tough to find a professional for cheap replacement car keys. Moreover if you have the latest car model then it gets even tougher to get replacement car keys for it.

Dealer ship pricing

Going to the cars dealer or manufacturer is one possible option available to you but they charge as high as $300 for replacing your car key. You might ask why they are charging so high for a set of replacement car keys. Well, this is because of the chip installed in your key that makes operating it automatic and fast.

To provide enhanced safety to your car, the olden metal keys are replaced with the latest smart keys which are more difficult to duplicate. As technology advances, so did the cost associated with the new replacement car keys. So it is better to have an in-depth knowledge of these keys so that you can get better replacement car keys.

Different Type of Car Keys

Generally there are two types of car keys used nowadays, first one is the traditional mechanical key and the second one would be the Smart keys. The traditional metal keys can be easily replaced but the major issue is in case of the latter. The key works in this fashion: When the key is inserted into the lock, it sends the code to the car computer and if the code is correct, the car opens unless it doesn’t.

Cost of replacement car keys

In general, the average cost for replacement car keys is anywhere from $150 to $300. Moreover you have to wait for the keys to arrive from the dealer so the better option is to use our locksmiths for quick processing. You can get the keys depending upon the maker of your model, too. For instance, replacement car keys Toyota will vary from those of Nissan.


Rather than thinking about how to get replacement car keys, it is better to have a backup key in case of any loss or getting locked the keys in the car. Replacement car keys can cost a lot, so you better have a metal key duplicated for smart keys. These duplicates can work with the door locks but it cannot be used for ignition purposes. But we advise that rather than cheap replacement car keys go for standard smart keys as a backup and to avoid any hassle in such a scenario.

it is better to keep in touch with the advanced security for your car locking and key system. It will be almost impossible for thieves to get into your car and you do not have to worry much about the replacement car keys with these guidelines.