Car Key Replacement And Fob Programming

Lost Your Car Key?

Have you lost your car keys and looking for replacement? in these case it gets really tough to find a professional locksmith for cheap car key replacement. If you have new car model then it gets even tougher but don’t worry Los Angeles Lock & Safe can take this job with no problem. we are that exactly what you looking for.

Different Type of Car Keys

Generally there are two types of car keys used nowadays, first one is the traditional metal key and second smart key with chip inside. The traditional metal key can be easily replaced by just cutting you a new key and its will work on your car. The second key called transponder key and after we cutting you a new key need also to program it and the key sends code to the car computer and if the code is correct the car can start.

Cost of replacement car keys

In general the average cost for car key replacement is anywhere from $150 to $400. Moreover if you decide to work with dealership you have to wait for the key to arrive and that can take few days. The better option is to use our locksmith technician for quick processing and even it will be cheaper.

Key Duplication

Rather than thinking about how to get car key replacement when you in a sucks situation it is better to have a spare key in case of any loss or locked the keys in the car. Replacement will cost a lot more so you better have key duplicated just in case. You can make metal key duplicate that can work only with the door locks but it cannot be used for ignition if you have transponder key.