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maybe you just got through a break-up, and you don’t want your ex-partner to have access into your home again, or you sacked an angry member of staff, or you moved houses, and you’re not sure if the key hasn’t been compromised, and you’re contemplating replacing the locks. We offer the cheaper option of rekeying your locks rather than replacing them.

Rekeying is not only cheaper but also faster and can be done anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

By rekeying your Lock, you change the previous key combination to the combination of a new one without compromising the quality of the Lock or the security. Experts say you should rekey your locks every once in a while.

Some situations warrant Lock rekeying, situations like:

1. When you have lost your keys, they might get into the wrong hands, and you don’t want that.

2. When too many people have access to your key in the past, that you’ve probably even lost count.

3. When you’re moving into a new home, you’re not aware of previous owners or people who have had the key.

4. When your key has been in the hands of the construction or housekeeping team.

5. When you have recently had a break-up, or your roommate has moved out

6. When you fired an angry employee

7. When your business moves into new territory

8. Tenant eviction

9. Divorce

Once your key has been with someone you don’t know for about 30 mins, you should rekey your Lock because it doesn’t take time to make key duplicates.


Our services include

Rekey your home locks: we’ve rekeyed many residential and commercial locks,  home lock rekey, apartment lock rekey, condominium lock relay, dorm room lock rekey, bathroom lock rekey, closet lock rekey, and bedroom lock rekey. Wherever you need our services, we’re readily available to help you.

We rekey your business locks: it’s not only residential homes that need rekey services. Businesses need to, whether you’re securing a new location or for another reason, our expertise is Lock rekeying, and we do our best.

At our company, we’ve pooled a team of qualified, efficient, honest, and reliable technicians who were thoroughly vetted, so they can give our customers the best that they deserve. We know our customers’ opinions are of utmost importance, which is why we try our best to do good for them and do our jobs to their satisfaction.

Our services are at a reasonable rate, and we’re transparent in our dealings. We don’t give you a rate only to change it later. We say things as they are. You should be confident that we’ll never cheat you out of your money or do a poor job for you.

Also, we have mobile and stable technicians, so there’s always someone readily available whenever you call from your location or come to our office to ask for our services.