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Dealership or Locksmith?

When facing a situation where you have lost your car keys many people turn to the dealership as their first option but this may not be the most ideal option as off for the price and convenience that an automotive locksmith can offer.

Price Comparison

The cost of car key duplication or a key replacement services from a dealership is usually much higher compared to what you would pay for the same services from a locksmith. Sometime dealerships hiring outsourced professional locksmith for this jobs and charging a fee on top on their charge. You can save this extra charge by addressing the locksmiths directly.

The Convenience

Getting in touch with a locksmith is much more convenient than making an appointment with a dealership when you need to get a spare key. Most locksmiths can cut and program new keys right away on the spot and at the choice of your location. One quick phone call is all that’s needed to get an experienced locksmith to duplicate or replace your car key.

The Equipment

Professional automotive locksmiths have all the necessary equipment to cut and program keys for any make and model and even special laser cut keys which makes them far better suited for the job than dealerships. Automotive locksmith technicians also possess the right skills to repair or replace a broken ignition switches or over come related issues like stuck or broken key inside the ignition.


The Technology

Today’s car keys use advanced technology such as transponder key or keyless entry fobs in order to increase the level of the car security and by choosing an experienced locksmith technician over a dealership will save you time and money and inconvenience.

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