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Dealership or Locksmith?

When faced with a situation where you have lost your car keys, many people often consider contacting a dealership as their first option. However, this may not be the most ideal decision considering the price and convenience associated with getting spare keys from an auto locksmith.

Price Comparison

The cost of key duplication or replacement services from a dealership is usually very high compared to what you would pay for the same services from an auto locksmith. Dealerships are known to raise prices significantly, so hiring a professional auto locksmith is far less expensive.

The Convenience

Getting in touch with a professional auto locksmith is much more convenient than making an appointment with a dealership when you need spare keys. Most locksmiths can cut new keys right away while dealerships can take several weeks to provide the same service. One quick phone call is all that’s needed to get an auto locksmith to duplicate or replace your car key.

The Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, professional locksmiths have all the equipment necessary to create duplicate or replacement keys for any make and model of vehicle – even specialty keys – which makes them far better suited for the job than dealerships ever could be. Auto locksmith technicians also possess the right tools and skills to repair and install door locks or ignition switches if needed.

The Technology

Today’s car keys use advanced technology such as secret codes embedded into them in order increase security levels of vehicles. As such, choosing an experienced and knowledgeable auto locksmith technician over a dealership will save you time and money when it comes to re-programming your key fobs or fixing any other specialty car key related issues.

In the end, it is much more cost-effective and convenient to use an auto locksmith than a dealership when you need spare keys or any other type of key related services. Professional locksmiths possess all the necessary equipment and technology to handle any car key needs that you may have, making them the best choice for such tasks.

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