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Everything You Need To Know About Smart locks

Smart locks are Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled smart home devices, which enable users to not carry their house keys when they are going out. Unlocking and locking doors are possible via voice command or tapping a finger. These locks also permit remote access, which means a door can be unlocked by you to allow someone in even when you are at work.

The popularity of smart devices such as smart TVs, smart thermostats, and smartphones has increased. So, it has become a logical thing to install a smart lock at your office and home as the next step. There are so many fantastic tasks you can do with smart locks. Yet, many people are unaware of how these locks work, They are also uncertain about whether it is a sensible option to install one for their houses.

These locks are an evolving and relatively new technology. While many people use mobile apps and digital assistant support, others depend on fingerprint scanning. However, one should evaluate the functionality and features of a smart lock before choosing one that suits their requirements.

Power of a smart lock 

Thanks to smart locks, homeowners can enjoy a different level of home security. Their functionality and customized features have been specifically designed so that you have greater control over the security of your home. Smartphones have a whole range of exciting capabilities not found in ordinary locks.

As many of these locks feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, their ability to use remote features is increased. On the other hand, if smart locks had simply Bluetooth connectivity, there can be connection issues when the front door of the house was far from the hub of your smart home.

Your door has to be prepared

All doors do not support smart locks. Based on the model opted for, the door has to meet some specifications so that the smart lock can be installed. If a door is slightly off-balanced, it means it has to be shifted or pushed for locking it. Now, that also means a smart lock will not work here. The deadbolt should be completely extended into your door jamb.

How can the lock be accessed?

All smart locks do not open the door in the same way. Some require passwords while others need a fob or smartphone app. Also, some access types are usually costlier than others. The user has to decide how he/she wishes to access the lock, their budget, and how many people should have access. If the size of the family is big, it may not be feasible to purchase individual key fobs for each of them.

Bluetooth connectivity

Connectivity via Bluetooth helps a smart lock identify a user by connecting with his/her smartphone. The door is then unlocked as he/she approaches.

Smart locks offer convenience more than security 

Smart locks are not essentially more secure as compared to traditional deadbolts. However, they offer greater convenience. If your family, for instance, arrives earlier than you expected or your kid returned from school to home, the use of such locks is highly convenient. Additionally, you do not have to unnecessarily fret about hiding your door key, which could get misplaced. You do not have to think about handing over the key to your dear one in advance.

Creating temporary or permanent entry codes 

Several smart locks allow you to create temporary or permanent entry codes for guests who are visiting, dog walkers, cleaning services, all family members, and repair services.

Alerts can be sent to the smartphone 

Your smartphone can receive alerts in case someone attempts to tamper with or break in the smart lock. The lock can be also set to notify the home security service or cops automatically in case this happens.

There is a string of available options with your smart lock. Different types of smart locks are available on the market. These range from a sophisticated integrated system, which functions with an existing security system to a standalone smart lock. 

You have to be realistic about what features you require and your budget to purchase the appropriate smart lock. It will not be a sensible decision to pay for a costlier smart lock in case it does not provide additional benefits. 

Smart locks can a good investment in convenience and modernity. As the popularity of smartphones goes up, their price may come down making them more affordable.

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