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Everything You Need To Know About Smart locks

Smart locks are digital smart home devices that use wireless technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to lock and unlock doors. Not all smart locks work in the same way and while some require passwords others need a fob or smartphone app. There are few different types of smart locks and many options and designs to choose from and they can come as a standalone locks or they can integrate with your existing security system.


Most smart locks can fit in instead of your your existing lock but it depends on the model and in some cases there is a need for some modification to be made. In order for the smart lock to operate smoothly the deadbolt should be completely extended into your door jamb and the door should be perfectly aliened.

Smart locks offer more convenience

Smart locks are not necessarily more secure than traditional deadbolts but they do offer greater convenience. You can unlock your door remotely from anywhere and anytime there is no need to carry physical keys anymore. Most smart lock can be programmed to work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri and you will be able to control your lock with voice commands.

Creating temporary or permanent entry codes

Smart locks often allow you to create temporary entry codes for guests or service providers which eliminates the need for making spare keys and ensures that you can control who can access your home and for how long.

Alerts can be sent to the smartphone

Many smart locks can integrate with home security systems and alarm you by sending text massages directly to your smartphone in case someone attempts to tamper with the smart lock. The lock can also be set to notify your home security service provider or the police automatically in case it happens.

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