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What is a Pick Tool?

Locks are made to keep your property secure but sometimes keys get lost and in such cases a lock pick tool can be really helpful if you know how to use it and eliminate the need of a professional locksmith.

Lock picking is a skill that requires practice and precision and lock pick tools come in many shapes and sizes which are designed for specific types of locks.

Where can you find a lock pick tools?

You may think it is hard to find but pick tools are quite easy to be found online at many website like E-bay and Amazon. The most important thing when buying lock pick tools is to understand your level of expertise so that you do not end up buying something you wont be able to use.

Common lock picking tools

Tension Wrenches

Used to apply tension on the lock plug which allows the picker to push the lock pins up and rotate the plug exactly like a key.

Hook Picks

Designed to manipulate the pins inside a lock one at a time.

Rake Picks

Used to quickly move all the pins at once in a raking motion to allow the lock to turn.

Ball Picks

With a circular tip these picks are mainly used for wafer locks.

Bump Keys

Not a traditional pick tool but a key that can be used to bump the pins to open a lock.

Professional Pick Tools

Lock pick guns are very popular among locksmiths especially when dealing with simple locks for their efficiency in opening locks quickly and they come in 2 main types:

Manual Lock Pick Gun

This gun requires to physically snap the trigger to create the impact that moves the pins inside a lock.
In order to successfully pick the lock you must apply the correct amount of tension by using a separate tension tool.

Electric Lock Pick Gun

This gun automates the snapping action with an electric motor that provide a rapid succession of impacts.
This can make it easier to use as it only requires the user to maintain the correct tension.

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