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Avoid Scams

Emergency locksmiths are a real godsend when we’ve locked ourselves out of the house or car by mistake locksmiths who are reputable will arrive promptly, work professionally, and do their best to help us get out of our sticky situations. When we’ve locked ourselves out of the car and the children are locked in the vehicle, the locksmith becomes a hero, especially during extreme heat or extreme cold.

Unfortunately, while most locksmiths are fantastic at their jobs, there are some miscreants who prey upon people when they are most vulnerable. Rip-off locksmiths will use bait-and-switch techniques, cause damage to your property, and make you wait an unreasonable amount of time. Here is how you can avoid locksmith scams and get a great locksmith when you are in an emergency situation.

Be suspicious of locksmith service companies that answer the phone with “locksmith services” rather than the name of a company. If the person answering the phone will not give you the legal name of the business, hang up and look for another locksmith.

Ask the locksmith for identification when he or she arrives. While California need to be licensed, you might want to ask to see a license, especially if you’re in another state.

Request an estimate before work begins, even if you are in an emergency situation. Bad businesses will jack up the price up to 400%, so always get a price beforehand.

Ask about service call minimums and extra charges like mileage and emergency hours before any work gets done. If the locksmith gives you a different price than what was said over the phone, do not let the locksmith proceed, and call another service.

Observe the vehicle the locksmith arrives in. Legitimate locksmith service providers will have a van or truck that is marked with the business’s name and logo.

Remember that most skilled locksmiths can open almost any type of lock with their tools, so be very suspicious of a locksmith who claims up front that a lock needs to be drilled and destroyed in order to gain access.

If you’re looking for a Car locksmith or Residential Locksmith, make sure you do some research before an emergency happens and read some reviews so that you know you’ll get someone reliable and honest when an emergency does occur.

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