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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Home Rekeyed

Los Angeles County is relatively a safe place to live in but even with this safety there are still important reasons why you should get your home locks rekeyed. We’ve gathered 6 main reasons for you to understand how important it is.

Recently Moved In

When moving into a new home with all the excitement and the hard work you can easily forget to get your locks rekeyed. Even if you trust the previous owners or think you have received all of their sets of keys you may never know how many copies were made over the years and who may still has them, so it’s always best to take control over the issue and just do it.

When Different Doors Have Different Keys

Having multiple sets of keys for different entrances into your property can be very inconvenient and in order to simplify things having all locks rekeyed that you can open all doors with just one key will make it much more easy.

Your Key Might Have Been Stolen

If someone has stole your keys it’s essential that you take quick action to protect yourself and your property by having all your locks rekeyed right away. It is highly suggested and the best way to ensure that no one can gain access into your property.

Duplicates Have Been Made

It’s likely that over time you might have given out duplicate keys to family members or guests for convenience and there is a good chance that still a copy of your key is circling out there leading to potential security risks. To avoid any security threat just call a locksmith and have your locks rekeyed to guarantee your safety.

Changes In Your Relationship Status

If you find yourself in a bad relationship situation where your partner has moved out without returning their key getting the locks rekeyed would be an efficient way to prevent unwelcome visits especially if they come at unexpected hours or while you’re not at home.

After Completion Of A Home Improvement Project

Home improvement is a great project to manage and contractors are may need access your property at any given time which would require giving out spare sets of keys to different people that works around the house but after the job was completed it is highly important to gain back control over who can enter your renovated home. Having the locks rekeyed will make sure that even if not all spare keys were returned no one but you can enter the house.

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