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4 Locks That Are Impossible To Pick

While lock picking has been extremely popular in movies and TV shows as a simple quick way to open doors the reality is much more complex and in order to stop a thief from gaining access to your home a unique lock that can not be picked will definitely will do the job. We’ve rounded up for you 4 locks that offer great security and are impossible to pick.

August Smart Lock

This smart lock is one of the most popular and secure locks on the market. The August Smart Lock uses your smartphone as a digital key meaning even if an intruder were able to pick the outside cylinder they’d still need access to your phone in order to open it. The device runs on battery power so it won’t stop working at a power outage.


The EVVA MCS is a magnetic lock which is incredibly secure because of its complex key cuts and round shape keyway. Each individual key has a unique magnetic pattern that cannot be picked by anyone without knowledge of the exact pattern.


Shi-He Chi-Me unique U-lock has an obstructed keyway and several keys types making it incredibly difficult if not impossible to pick and even the most experienced thieves should will completely stay away from this kind of lock.

HYT Chain Key

Unlike traditional keys the HYT chain key consists of several connected pieces along a hinge. It is designed specifically with curves along its edges making standard picks nearly impossible and it offers maximum security.

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