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Four Locks That Are Impossible To Pick

While lock picking has been extremely popular in movies and TV shows, as a simple quick way to unlock doors, the reality is much more complex. Stopping a thief from gaining access to your home, is by finding a unique lock that they don’t recognize, and can not be picked. Lucky for you we’ve rounded up four locks that offer maximum security with minimal exposure.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is one of the most secure smart lock systems on the market. It uses your smartphone as its only means of access – meaning even if an intruder were able to pick the outside cylinder, they’d still need access to your phone in order to open it. The device also runs on battery power, so any power disruption will prevent it from being opened – making it nearly impossible to pick. Finally, any issues that arise with this type of lock can be easily fixed through software updates rather than needing physical repairs and replacements.


Another magnetic lock system, the EVVA MCS system is incredibly secure due to its complex key cuts and round shape keyway. Each individual key has a unique magnetic pattern that cannot be picked by anyone without knowledge of the exact pattern – making it almost impossible for anyone besides those who have seen your personal key to gain access.

Shi-He Chi-Me U-lock

This unique U-lock has an obstructed keyway and various keys types making it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to pick without having prior experience or knowledge of how exactly how this particular lock works. The sharp turns required by picks make gaining access through this method extremely difficult – not mention challenging even for experienced locksmiths – so most thieves should steer clear altogether when faced with this kind of security measure. What’s more; these types of locks are incredibly rare and are mostly produced and sold within China itself – further discouraging thieves from attempting entry using this method since there’s no guarantee they will even be able find one in their area or understand how exactly to use them properly if they do come across one!

HYT Chain Key

One type of lock that is incredibly difficult for even an experienced thief to crack is the HYT chain key. Unlike traditional keys, this type consists of several connected pieces along a hinge from which hangs from the lip of its keyway. It’s designed specifically with curves along its edges making standard picks nearly impossible and any other attempts at tampering difficult to detect or interfere with due to its delicate construction; essentially making it appear like more of collector’s item than something intended for practical use. Ultimately, these locks offer maximum security with little to no media exposure – the perfect combination when you’re looking for a lock that isn’t easily picked.

Overall, these four different types of locks provide superior protection against would-be intruders looking take advantage of traditional lock picking methods; though each offers different levels of security depending on individual needs and preferences. Regardless, all four make excellent choices for anyone looking for maximum protection while still maintaining easy everyday accessibility thanks their highly specialized designs and keys systems!

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