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Car Keyless Entry

Car keyless entry system is a great automotive innovation that allows your car to be unlocked without a physically key. It works through radio signals and provide great convenience. Keyless entry systems use sophisticated encryption methods to prevent car theft. Taking care of your car keyless entry remote is a sure way to ensure its longevity and reliability.

Here are important tips for you to keep your remote in perfect condition:

Keep it Dry and Clean

Do not expose your key fob to water because it can damage the electronic components inside like the transponder chip or the electricity board itself. If it still happens and your remote got wet dry it immediately with a soft dry cloth to prevent buildup of dirt that could interfere with the buttons.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Try as much as possible not to expose your key fob to extreme heat as it can damage the battery inside of it.

Do not press buttons unnecessarily

Key fobs are usually kept in your pockets and sometimes the buttons are pressed unintentionally and can compromise your car safety. Even if you are at a great distance more than the remote range pressing the button reduces the battery life and putting you at a risk of having a dead battery when you need it.

Replace Batteries Regularly

Weak batteries can lead to reduced range or even to completely stop working. Replace the batteries as soon as you notice it is not operates correctly. Most key fobs have a LED indicator that blinks when a button is pressed and if this light starts to dim it’s a sign that the battery is running low.

Check out your spare remote

Cars come with a pair of remotes and we strongly recommend not to use only one of the remotes You can keep the secondary in a secure safe spot in your house but at least once a month use your spare remote to see if it still works and that its battery is still good, that way you will ensure that your spare is ready to save you when the time will come.

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