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Types оf Dооr Lосkѕ

Every year, nearly two million homes are broken into, it is clear that home security needs to be taken seriously. One way to improve your home security is by installing better door locks, however not all locks are suitable for any door. It is important to understand the different types of door locks and what to consider when purchasing a new lock for your home.

Knob Locks

The most common type of door lock and primary means of protection for many doors is the knob lock. Installed in the knob rather than on the door itself, they are easier for burglars to break into with simple tools such as hammers or wrenches. As a result, doorknob locks should not be used as tour main protection.


Deadbolts offer the highest level of security against burglary attempts because they have no spring component which makes them difficult to open with hand tools such as knives, hammers or wrenches. There are three main types: single cylinder deadbolts operated by a key from one side, double cylinder deadbolts operated by keys from both sides, and Lockable Thumb-turn Deadbolts which can only be locked using a key but feature an interior thumb turn which can be unlocked without one.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are often included with furniture, cabinet and mailboxes. They are cylindrical in shape and installed in the door section with a metal tube containing a hole on one side helping with positioning the inserted bolt. Certain cam locks are designed specifically for securing file cabinet doors, making them an ideal choice for protecting delicate materials from theft or damage.


Padlocks are free standing locks that can easily be moved from one area to another without being permanently linked to a specific door or other item. Unlike other forms of lock such as mortise locks (discussed further). Padlocks come in two main categories: keyed padlocks and combination padlocks – both featuring looped handle shackles which feature shoulders that elevate either side of the shackle making them harder penetrate using bolt cutters or similar tools.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are best used on external doors but they come in both light-duty and heavy duty versions designed to handle all levels of use (though lighter versions may better suit internal doors). They feature an internal mechanism that makes them more like lock sets than basic locks – they have cylinders bodies that accommodate knobs or levers and threads plus mortise components installed within the frame which help create a locking mechanism when engaged correctly Plus these components come in various heights and lengths allowing them to fit different types of doors more easily too!

In addition to understanding different types of door locks it’s also important to remember factors such as handedness when installing new products – some may only work on certain kinds of doors regardless if they’re fitted with knobs, handles etc.. Additionally, you should always check the backseat when installing new ones – if not installed properly they might not provide as much security as expected!

Final words,when it comes to security, door locks are your first line of home protection, deterring burglars and keeping your home safe & secure. There are a variety of different types of door locks and it is important to understand all the different options available, also Smart lock installation can provide an added layer of protection – We will discuss this in our post:
 ‘ Everything You Need To Know About Smart locks‘ .

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